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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate 10th Mountain Division (Light) Scholarship Fund
Donate Benjamin F. Winkler #44 Foundation
Donate Brian D. Soper Memorial Scholarship
Donate Brittany Walroth Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate C. Arthur Pearson and Judith Frank Pearson Fund
Donate Charles and Fern Brown Fund - South Jefferson Historical Endowment
Donate Coach Steve Fisher Legacy Fund
Donate COVID Memorial Fund
Donate Cranberry Lake Fire and Rescue Fund
Donate Credo Community Center Endowment Fund
Donate Crescent Yacht Club Junior Division Sustaining Fund
Donate Designate A Fund
Donate Downtown Block Parties Fund
Donate Dr. Arthur C. Peckham, Jr. Medical Scholarship Fund
Donate Dr. James B. and Ruth M. Fish Community Fund
Donate Evergreen STEM Scholarship Fund
Donate Friends of the Foundation Community Betterment Fund
Donate Friends of the Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library Endowment-NNYCF (Fidelity IRA)
Donate George C. Boldt Scholarship
Donate Greenfield Every Day Heroes Northern New York Community Foundation Partnership Fund
Donate HarmoNNY Performing Arts Community Endowment Fund
Donate HarmoNNY Performing Arts Community Sustaining Fund
Donate Historical Association of South Jefferson Sustaining Fund (agf)
Donate Irene Bowen Fund for Lowville Free Library
Donate Jason Jon Roberts Memorial Fund
Donate Jefferson Community College Center for Community Studies Endowment Fund - NNYCF
Donate Jefferson-Lewis Board of Realtors Backpack Program Fund
Donate Joshua P. Sullivan Pharm.D. Legacy Fund
Donate Kenneth J. Eysaman II Legacy Scholarship
Donate LEAD Holiday Giving Fund
Donate Leona and George O'Sullivan Scholarship Fund
Donate Leuze-Reardon-Belloff Scholarship Fund
Donate Linderman/Kimball Family Fund
Donate Margaret "Ann" Kibling Memorial Scholarship
Donate Mary Beth Durr Memorial Scholarship Award
Donate Maxine Quigg and Terry O'Brien Reach for the Stars Fund
Donate Maxine Quigg Women in Business Fund
Donate Neil Parks Family Spirit of Giving Foundation
Donate Nicholas J. Patell Memorial Award
Donate North Country Community Cup
Donate Northern New York K9s Fund
Donate O'Brien/Burgess Family Fund
Donate Ogdensburg Public Library Endowment Fund
Donate Peter W. Hayes Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Peyton Lane S. Morse Legacy Foundation
Donate Point Vivian Preservation Project Fund
Donate Richard F. Fabend Scholarship Fund
Donate Riley Basford Legacy Fund
Donate River Hospital Endowment Fund
Donate River Hospital Endowment Fund
Donate Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library General Support Fund
Donate Safe Schools Endeavor
Donate Stabins Family Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Stephanie (Mathous) Bossinger Team Player Award
Donate Stephen L. Rich Fund
Donate Steven R. Wilson Scholarship Fund
Donate Terry O'Brien Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate The TAUNY Fund
Donate Thomas W. Burnard Legacy Fund
Donate Thousand Islands Foundation Scholarship Fund
Donate Twyla and Paul Webb Scholarship Fund
Donate United Presbyterian Church Tower Restoration Fund
Donate Urban and Sally Hirschey Family Fund
Donate Veterans Memorial Riverwalk Park Art Project Fund
Donate Watertown First Baptist Church Restoration and Preservation Campaign Fund
Donate Watertown High School Class of 1956 Scholarship Fund
Donate William "Bill" Bain Memorial Soccer Scholarship Fund
Donate William K. Archer Irish Festival Scholarship
Donate William P. Plante Memorial Fund